Fire Alarm Servicing Bradford

Posted on: 24/06/2020 by in Fire Alarm Servicing
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Looking for a fire alarm servicing company in Bradford? Look no further! We are the locally-based experts who have been installing and maintaining systems since the eighties.

UK Fire Safety (RRO) Order requires you to have your fire alarm serviced. The number of service visits a year are dependent upon the size and location of your system. The minimum is two service visits a year but, for example, if your system was very large and or maybe the environment was not very clean (e.g. a foundry) then you would require more than two visits per year. However, for 90% of Bradford businesses two six-monthly visits would suffice.

Bradford Fire Alarms are BAFE Approved and NSI Fire Gold, all our surveyors and engineers are FIA trained ensuring your business would be safe, secure and legal.

We can design, install and maintain systems. We are happy to takeover existing alarms so if you need fire alarm servicing in Bradford the get an online FREE quote now!

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