Fire Alarm Installation Bradford

Posted on: 16/12/2020 by in Fire Alarms
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Fire Alarm Installation Bradford There are various alternatives of format available with fire detection systems, they all operate on the same principle – A sensor detects, the main panel recognises the difference and then alerts people of the situation that a fire has occurred. The sensing device can be a humble break glass which indicates that the fire was found by an individual who then manually triggered the system. More complex devices spot either carbon monoxide, smoke, flames or Continue Reading ...

Fire Alarms Bradford

Posted on: 25/11/2020 by in Fire Alarms
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Fire Alarms Bradford Searching for fire alarms in Bradford? … Look no further.British Fire safety regulations wants virtually all businesses to put in place a fire alarm system. National guides state that if you can shout out ‘Fire!’ and be heard above the current noise, in all areas of your premises then you may not need a fire alarm. That rules out maybe 99 out of a 100 businesses. So you no doubt have to have a fire alarm but what type? How many sensors and of which type? How Continue Reading ...

Fire Alarm Servicing Bradford

Posted on: 24/06/2020 by in Fire Alarm Servicing
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Looking for a fire alarm servicing company in Bradford? Look no further! We are the locally-based experts who have been installing and maintaining systems since the eighties.UK Fire Safety (RRO) Order requires you to have your fire alarm serviced. The number of service visits a year are dependent upon the size and location of your system. The minimum is two service visits a year but, for example, if your system was very large and or maybe the environment was not very clean (e.g. a foundry) Continue Reading ...

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