Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers Bradford

All our fire extinguisher engineers hold the FIA / BAFE certification.

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Our surveyors also hold the FETA certification to enable them to advise and design fire extinguisher placement for your business.

Whether your business requires extinguishers is determined by your fire risk assessments. However government guidelines tell us that even a one-room shop should carry at least one powder extinguisher. Therefore every UK business needs fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher servicing is a legal requirement and must be undertaken each and every year.

After servicing, a certificate of compliance is issued which is valid for twelve months.

We support all classes of extinguisher: CO2, Water, AFFF (foam), ABC Dry Powder and Wet Chemical.

Fire blankets are also classed as portable extinguishers and require an annual service.

We offer extinguisher design and installation, annual servicing (basic and extended), call out cover, and extinguisher recharging.

Here at Bradford Fire Alarms, our pricing is very competitive.

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Annual servicing costs are equally appealing.

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