Fire Alarms Bradford

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Fire Alarms Bradford

Searching for fire alarms in Bradford? … Look no further.
British Fire safety regulations wants virtually all businesses to put in place a fire alarm system. National guides state that if you can shout out ‘Fire!’ and be heard above the current noise, in all areas of your premises then you may not need a fire alarm. That rules out maybe 99 out of a 100 businesses.

So you no doubt have to have a fire alarm but what type? How many sensors and of which type? How many sirens are required? Do I need flashing strobes for the hearing impaired? These are all relevant questions that need to be considered and thoughts about the processes you carry out and the probable fuels in your building.

There are many grades and categories of fire alarm and selecting the right one is important in keeping you legal. Your compulsory fire-risk-assessment should help lead you and we are pleased to assist and explain the best options.

You should also consult your insurer. A system designed purely to save people might keep you legal but your insurance company (and indeed you) may wish to have a system to save your business too. Therefore, there’s life protection and property protection categories i.e. L categories and P categories. If you have property protection then the system must be monitored remotely when the building is unoccupied.

Setting up a free surveyor’s visit is a good place to start. Our professionally trained staff will guide you through the alternatives also considering your insurance company’s advice and the outcome of your risk assessment.

After the surveyor’s visit we will email a design and quote for you to consider at your leisure. BS5839 insists that every section of the fire system must be certificated i.e. design, installation, commissioning and handover. As a BAFE SP203 installer we can certificate all of the stages. The commissioning engineer mustn’t be the same engineer that installed the system – so be wary of single person businesses.
Fire Alarms Bradford – Arrange your totally free site visit today, just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you immediately.

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