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emergency lighting bradford

UK law requires that emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in case the lighting fails. Essentially therefore if you require conventional electric lighting to carry out your business safely during hours of darkness then emergency back-up lighting is also required.

Occasionally people erroneously interpret ‘hours of darkness’ as being equivalent to ‘during the night’. There are many daytime ‘hours of darkness’ throughout the average British winter.

You need to have adequate escape lighting to allow safe exit should mains power fail. Escape and exit routes In the UK must be lit to a minimum of one lux during an emergency. This is where confusion comes about when getting a quote for lighting.

People often ask how many lights do I need? The problem is the answer is that depends!! The area to be covered and the ceiling height all affect this calculation, plus every manufacturer creates lighting that differs in their out put level. Only by interpreting the photometric data accompanying each luminaire can this be determined. Essentially this means that if an electrician scratches his head and says, “Probably three here and one over there..” then you may want another quotation.

All our surveyors are ICEL qualified and can ensure your business meets UK legislation.

emergency light testing

Emergency Light Testing Bradford

Emergency lighting must be tested monthly. This is a short functional test in accordance with BS 5266-8. A competent person within your organisation can carry out testing however, should you find this responsibility onerous then we can provide monthly testing services. If your business is in Braford and you require monthly testing get a free quotation now!

Emergency Light Servicing in Bradford

The annual test

Emergency lights must undergo a full rated duration test every year. That means if the emergency lights back up should provide 3 hours of illumination (which is common), they need to be tested for the full 3 hours to ensure they’re still working at the end of the test. Once again a competent person can carry out this test however should a luminaire fail the competent person should ideally have the skills to replace the faulty unit at once.

If your Bradford-based business requires annual servicing then get an online quotation now.

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